A Value Renaissance


“Try not to be a success, but rather to be of Value.”

— Albert Einstein

In today’s world of social media and immediate information, it has become increasingly hard to hide a lack of value for certain companies and products. There was a time that pomp and circumstance and the deafening sound of a Brand’s platform could make up for the actual magic…..well not being magic. That time has come and gone. With all of the talk of how social media has cheapened our relationships, perhaps we have overlooked one of the greatest attributes of immediate feedback and real time data from our peers; there is no place to hide for those products, projects and companies who possess no real value to our lives. We are living in an exciting time where value is once again paramount in any consumer relationship.

The Emperor Has No Clothes

There is a Danish Fairy Tale by Hans Christen Anderson that tells of an Emperor who cared for nothing more than his wonderful clothes. One day, a pair of swindlers came to town and boasted of a special cloth that was invisible to those who lacked wisdom. Concerned over whether or not he could see the clothes himself, the Emperor instructed two of his servants to view the cloth. The servants were too worried to admit that they could not see the clothes, and they pronounced their brilliance.

The Emperor then clothed himself in the imaginary garments and proceeded to parade himself through the town. The townspeople, also hearing of the fallacy surrounding the cloth did not want to appear unwise, and they too praised the Emperors garb. Finally, a child near the end of the precession shouted, “But he has nothing on.” The people began to whisper until everyone watching the Emperor began to shout, “The Emperor has no clothes!”

The fairy tale was crafted to illustrate the truth that is often found behind the eyes of a child. Children often see through the pomp and circumstance, the proverbial noise of a situation, and can clearly expose its true identity. Despite the power of the Emperor and the Brand of the office he held, he ultimately became a laughing stock. Everyone realized that his greatness was no more than a façade.

True Value

When true Value is present, it is not hard to see. It is pure, and it is real and it sure as heck is relevant! How many products or companies that you have had interaction with, have outkicked their proverbial coverage with their Brand Audacity? Far too many for me to count. The good news is that those items and entities can no longer fool the masses. The power of the Social Ambassador provides us with the data needed to flock to or run away from the charlatans of the commercial world.

52% of people will share a positive experience. 72% will share a negative experience. One thing is for certain. People seem to be committed to sharing their experiences with others. This phenomena has given birth to a return to realism. An exciting and social Value Renaissance!

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