-The 5 Levels of the Experience- What level are you?

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The Problem Statement

-The 5 Levels of the Experience-

What level are you?

“The purpose of life is to experience the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a richer and newer experience.”

                                                                                    -Eleanor Roosevelt


Customer service is worse today than it has ever been.  Our internal research tells us that customers are increasingly frustrated because “no one seems to care.” What is truly sad is that it takes no more effort to be warm, friendly and personable than it does to go-through-the-motions.  Where has the genuine care gone? Where is the relentless resolve to causing an excellent Experience?


Every person wants to feel important.  As consumers, we have a choice of where we do business.  If a particular organization does not do a better job of making us feel valued and more important than what we can receive over the internet, why would we make the effort to come into their restaurant, store or establishment?  Every consumer wants to feel valued, welcomed and as if they really matter. With technology and today’s social media capabilities, the ability of the consumer to positively or negatively affect your brand and your bottom line has put an enormous amount of emphasis on the Experience that is delivered for the customer.


Research shows that today’s customers are not just disappointed or dissatisfied, they are outraged. Brad Tuttle’s article in Time Magazine entitled “Customer Service Hell” tells us that while 80% of companies believe that they provide superior customer service, only 8% of clients feel that they receive superior service from these same companies.  This provides a tremendous opportunity for businesses that desire to gain a real competitive advantage.  If these businesses were to provide a great “Experience” for their customers when their competitors are providing a lousy one, their customers would not only see them as being different, but as being superior.


The “big box” stores are losing customers by the droves and most fail to recognize that they and their inability to create a positive Experience are the problem.  Unless we fix the holistic service problem, the Experience rather, businesses will continue to see a steady decline in revenue and in customers.




In our independent study of over 500 American Companies, we found that 60% of all customer service that’s provided in the US is average or worse.  American consumers are tired of paying for mediocrity when it could easily be improved with a modicum of effort on the part of leaders and employees who care.  We have discovered that every store, supermarket, car dealership, hospital, fast food restaurant, hotel, airline, financial advisory firm, bank and church fits into one of five levels of the Experience.


Every executive, every manager and every employee needs to clearly understand what level of service and Experience their company provides and why.  Once they have identified the where and why, the next step is to develop a plan of action to take their service and business to the next level.  It is not a quick fix or an easy “problem” to rectify, but that is precisely what “The Experience” book was built to do. We have a desire to take our Disney inspired model to help others improve the overall Experience they cause, one level at a time.  The 5 Levels of the Experience are:


  1. Exceptional
  2. Strong
  3. Good
  4. Average
  5. Servicide



What Level is your organization operating at?


“The Experience,” “The 5 Principles of Disney Service and Relationship Excellence,” was created in an effort to engage the marketplace in its greatest area of needthe Experience for the front line consumer. Bruce Loeffler and I have had the privilege of working together on this project and it is our desire to deliver a path for creating “Ambassadors” through relational Experiences. I have committed my career to specializing in relationship building, relational inflection points and relationship momentum. I am now blessed to be able to collaborate with one of the finest trainers in the world in Bruce who spent over 10 years working within the walls of Disney and seven years as the Director of Disney Service Excellence. We have combined our collective travels, Experiences and intellectual property to deliver what we feel will be an organization changing opportunity for all who come in contact with the work and our proprietary test (The Experience Quotient). More to come! Look for the Experience book in early 2015 from Wiley Publishing.

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